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[HAFUG809] The Simple Flash Facebook Game (draff) – diễn giả: Phạm Tiến Dũng

Posted in HAFUG809 by linhdoha on 28/07/2009

Steps of creatting a flash facebook game.

– Build your Facebook client game.

– Download Facebook  Actionscript API.

– Registing and Setting a Facebook Application.

– Build a client game.

– Connect to FB:

. Initialization.

. Get user’s  name, avata… from FB data.

– Connect to Your server:

. Create a leader board.

. Save use’s scores. (via PHP & MySQL)

– Deploy your game to Facebook.

. Deploy the application to your server.

. Change settings for the application in the Facebook Developer application.

. Testting.

How to use Facebook easily ?

– Understand ActionsScript Facebook  API contructor via game progessing.

– Example.

More knowleagdes

– Facebook brigde connector.


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